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The American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers was founded in 1980 to provide the musical community with a standard of work and expertise upon which they could depend.

The Federation’s mission is to enhance the public’s understanding and appreciation of the violin and bow families, and of related areas of expertise, including the making of new instruments, as well as conservation and restoration of historical and modern instruments.

Now numbering over 170 of the finest makers, dealers and restorers in the United States and Canada, the Federation has strict requirements for membership. A peer-evaluation process takes into account experience, training and demonstrated expertise.

Making and caring for fine instruments and bows require the highest levels of training and ethical standards. The Federation’s members agree to adhere to our Code of Ethics, written to ensure that instrument owners’ valuable investments are in knowledgeable and caring hands.

The art of violin and bow making represents a body of knowledge that has been handed down for centuries from one generation to the next. The members of the Federation actively work to continue this tradition through biennial meetings, lectures and seminars, exhibitions, publications, and concerts. The Federation has compiled a photographic archive of the finest works of the masters of the craft. The archive constitutes an extensive database that provides the membership with an unprecedented resource on which to draw.

AFVBM Code of Ethics

The conduct toward which members of the American Federation of Violin & Bow Makers shall strive is outlined in the following general principles:

  1. Professional Standards – A member of the Federation shall maintain universally high technical standards and strive constantly to improve his or her competence and the quality of his or her services.
  2. Objectivity And Integrity – A member of the Federation shall maintain his or her objectivity and integrity and be independent of those he or she serves. Objectivity refers to the ability of maintaining an impartial attitude to all matters under review. Integrity is an element of character which is fundamental to a client’s reliance on a member of the Federation. While neither of these qualities is precisely measurable, the profession holds them up to members as essential through rules embodied in the Principles of Professional Conduct.
  3. Responsibility to Clients – A member of the Federation will be fair and candid with his or her clients and serve them to the best of his or her ability. He or she must show professional concern for their best interests in complement with his or her responsibilities to the public.
  4. Responsibility to Colleagues – A member of the Federation shall conduct himself or herself in a manner which will encourage cooperation and good relations among members of the profession.
  5. Other Responsibilities – A member of the Federation shall conduct himself or herself in a manner which will enhance the stature and respect of the profession and its ability to serve the musical community and the general public.


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