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Advocacy and Outreach

Through projects, events, education and advocacy, the AFVBM is active in policies and projects that support the music community and beyond.

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International Alliance of Violin and Bow Makers for Endangered Species

The AFVBM is partnered with the International Alliance of Violin and Bow Makers for Endangered Species. The Alliance works toward reversing the destruction of hardwood forests around the world.
Go to the Alliance-USA website: The Alliance

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Pernambuco Conservation

The AFVBM is a supporter of the International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative (IPCI-USA). This organization is involved in the conservation, restoration and sustainability of pernambuco, a hardwood used in fine handcrafted bows.

Go to IPCI website: IPCI

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CITES and Ivory Ban Resources

There are unique regulations concerning transport and import of protected materials from endangered or threatened species.  Because materials such as ivory and rosewood are often found in stringed instruments and bows, musicians and makers are impacted. We have collected a list of resources about CITES and ivory-related regulations and laws.

Go to: CITES/Ivory Ban Resource page

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The American Violin

In April 2006, the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers and the Library of Congress, with generous support from the Violin Society of America and select contributors, presented The American Violin: From Jefferson to Jazz, a comprehensive survey and celebration of historical and modern American violins and bows.

The goal of the project was to increase public awareness and knowledge of American violin and bow making, tracing its origins and historical development through the migration of European traditions to an established, highly acclaimed American identity. Over a period of three days the public was invited free of charge to attend exhibitions, lectures, panel discussions, and concerts by authorities on American violins, violinists, violin music, and violin makers. A large number of instruments and bows photographed and documented for a the exhibit are published in The American Violin, released in May 2015.

Visit: theamericanviolin.org