Christophe Landon

Christophe Landon was born in Fontainebleau, France 1959. He started making violins at age 15 with Jean Eulry at Apparut & Hilaire in Mirecourt during his summer holidays, while studying to complete his baccalaureat in Mathematics. At age 18 he started a second full time apprenticeship with Jean Jacques Pages in Mirecourt from 1977 to 1980. Mr. Landon worked from 1980 to 1984 as a restorer and bowmaker for Max Moeller & Son in Amsterdam, combining it at the end with studies of bow making with Stephan Thomachot in Montmarte, Paris. In 1983, Mr. Landon won the gold medal for the sound of his assymetrical viola at the Kassel competition. He moved to New York in March of 1984 to work with Jacques Francais in the workshop of Rene Morel. In 1986, Mr. Landon worked for most of the year for James Warren in Chicago. He established his own practice as a violin and bow maker, restorer, dealer and expert in 1987.Mr. Landon's instruments are played by soloists like Mikhail Simonyan and principals in many orchestras, such as The Berlin Philharmonie, Metropolitan Opera, Paris Opera, St Louis Symphony, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, etc. He has written for "The Strad" magazine and other magazines on expertise, the Turin school and Spanish makers, among others topics. Mr. Landon divides his time making instruments, writing certificates, and traveling to his 5 shops ~ Paris, Berlin, Seoul, Shanghai and New York ~ where instruments are sold and high level restorations are performed by his staff.The cello presented is a copy of Antonio Stadivarius 1730 "Braga" made by Mr. Landon in New York 2009.
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