Gael Francais

Gael Francais is the last descendant of a long line of prominent violin makers that originated in the seventeenth century in Mirecourt, France. In 1880 Gael's great-grandfather, Henri Francais joined the renowned violin shop of Gand & Bernardel Frères in Paris which was founded by Nicolas Lupot in 1796. In addition, the Francais family line included the famous violin shops of Caressa & Francais established in Paris in 1901, followed by Emile Francais in 1938 and Jacques Francais in New York in 1948. Gael began his training in the violin making school of Mittenwald, Germany in 1971, followed by an apprenticeship in the violin shop of Apparut-Hilaire in Mirecourt, France in 1973. In 1974 Gael came to New York to join the violin shop of Jacques Francais. There he received his training in expertise by his uncle and in repair and restoration by famous restorers Rene Morel and Luis Bellini. In 1979, Gael opened his own shop in New York City where he divided his time between repair and restoration, and dealing with antique string instruments and bows. In 1983, Gael became a full member of AFVBM and in 1986 of the International Society of Violin and Bow Makers. In 2012, Gael decide to relocate his shop to Bavaria, Germany, in close proximity to Salzburg, Austria, the enchanting city of music and Mozart's birthplace.
Contact Information
28 Watzmannstraße, Piding, 83451, Germany